About us

AGE north down & ards' vision is to ensure older people in the Ards and North Down area are comfortable with growing older. The ethos of the organisation, established over many years includes working with partners, listening to the voice of older people, supporting volunteering & community development, recognising diversity, promoting equal opportunities and giving notice to those with greatest needs.

 AGE north down & ards acts as a “bridge” – a sustainable and conduit matching needs and services.  It gives a focus to AGE north down & ards' strong network with a wide range of organisations all of whom have targets within the older population, coupled with their capability to access them.

AGE north down & ards is an organisation of choice – a credible and knowledgeable organisation within the defined area and exclusive focus on older people.  Looks to the future potential of offering new means of extending outreach within a changing support infrastructure.

AGE north down & ards has strength in identifying gaps and extending outreach into both urban and rural situations.