Aims and objectives

AGEnda has existing activities are a mixture of ‘direct’ services (ie using own or funded resources) or ‘indirect’ (ie where others have provided the service facilitated by AGEnda).  All these are well regarded but operate within funding constraints. 

In continuing to operate both direct and indirect services and working in partnership with others, AGEnda will work to the following strategic aims:

  • Keeping older people ‘in contact’reducing/minimising isolation through socialising relationships etc AGEnda continue to provide a range of services and activities in the Hamilton Road centre, develop and facilitate outreach initiatives in both urban and rural contexts eg Floating Support Service recognising the issues of mobility and isolation which become challenging for many older people, Giving a particular focus to those who are housebound and to those whose needs are the most critical again in both urban and rural contexts
  • Helping to make life easierself sufficiency and coping strategies for older people, mobility and accessibility issues. AGEnda continue to provide signposting and Good Morning Call from Hamilton Road, maintain and     develop the network of partners and other organisations who have a role in supporting older people. Promote and support inter-agency cooperation in the delivery of services and initiatives for older people. Maintain close contact with key statutory agencies, ensuring that opportunities to obtain funding for identified needs are maximised
  • Speaking up for older people in ND&Abeing an advocate for older people’s issues, based on practical knowledge. Through engagement with local forums and other groups provide a coordinated and representative voice for the concerns of older people in the area and living in a spread of rural and urban situations. Collate information from both direct and indirect services so as to be a source of relevant and practical knowledge on the issues which affect the lives of older people

Click here to download our Business Plan 2016-2020 document.