What our 2021 Survey told us

19 May 2021

We sent out 1,400 surveys to over 65s in the area in Spring 2021.

We received 555 responses.

Here’s what the people of Ards & North Down told us.


Many people have adapted to technologies but still prefer letter and face to face contact.

Many have shown interest in befriending – a service we are looking at developing and which will support people living alone or feeling isolated.

Connected Older People

We asked our clients to tell us how they keep connected to family and friends.

According to their responses:

• 99% of older people have either a phone or a mobile-phone; with 76% having both.

• Males and those aged < 80 are more likely to use a mobile, check email and have good internet access.

• People prefer to be contacted by letter.

• 80% people have used their mobile phone in the last three days; mostly for calls, texts and camera.

• 63% have an email they check weekly - but only 35% of females over 80 do.

• 28% of older people (and 52% of females over 80) can’t access the internet at home. At least 10% are unable to access it anywhere.

• 35% (rising to 56% of females over 80) don’t have a computer or iPad in the house; and 39% don’t have someone who can regularly help them with technology.

• Whilst many use the internet and apps; WhatsApp is the most popular and indicates that many older people are using technology to connect with family, friends and the wider world

Planning for the future

We asked our clients to tell us how they would like to interact with AGEnda.

According to their responses:

• 50% of respondents would consider being part of an older persons’ group.

• 70% of respondents attended AGEnda events and/or read their newsletter.

• 60% of respondents would be interested in learning more about a befriending service.

• 25% of respondents would be interested to some extent in being a befriender volunteer.

• 35% of respondents had completed an on line survey in the last year.